Depth Interviews

Depth interviewing is one of the principal tools available to the qualitative market researcher for exploring consumer motivations in depth, and for tapping the specialist knowledge of experts and decision-makers.
We conduct depth and expert interviews (IDIs) with a wide range of both consumer and B2B target groups, such as healthcare professionals, IT experts, corporate and financial decision-makers, key opinion leaders and other specialist audiences. Respondent recruiting is always carried out to the highest standard through teams of specialised recruiters.

Interviews can be held in an interviewing facility with client viewing (one-way mirror), or at the respondent’s home or place of work, wherever it is located in Germany. Increasingly nowadays, IDIs are conducted online in order to save costs and for the added convenience of both respondent and client.

Results can be delivered in the form of audio recordings, “notes & quotes” summaries or full transcripts, or as a topline summary or full report.