Special Qualitative Techniques

Projective techniques:

These provide an exceptionally high level of consumer understanding in relation to brand usage and can be highly effective in creating successful brand positioning and communication strategies.

Innovation / creative workshops:

For new brand, product and packaging concepts. We can support you in the whole process of building a brand - from creative workshops on image and name creation, to concept testing, to research on line extensions after product launch.

Accompanied shopping and in-store research:

A unique way to experience consumers’ decision-making at the point of purchase. Experienced moderators conduct intercept interviews in the category aisle, or they meet the respondent outside the store for an accompanied “walk through”.

Eye tracking:

This technique uses special equipment to track the respondent’s eye motions and fixations. It can be used in-studio or on-location, and is ideal for understanding consumers’ responses at the point of purchase or their viewing pathways around an advert, web page, or product packaging.